The terrain you drive on doesn۪t care and it's not willing to compromise. The Kenda Klever R/T was designed to conquer rough terrain without sacrificing the ride and comfort of an A/T tyre.
Combining their triple threat 3-ply sidewall for exceptional durability with aggressive styling, an optimized tread design with a superior all-weather compound makes the Klever R/T the right solution for 44 owners on the road, in the snow or in any off-road environment. The Klever R/T is enabled for off-road conditions and is pinned for winter studs.
Strong upper sidewall tread blocks assist with typically difficult mud, sand and gravel environments while the construction provides long lasting wear with reasonable ride and noise on-road. Find your journey in any setting!

*     3 full carcass plies of polyester ensure the best amount of protection from impact damage and punctures
*    Aggressive sidewall tread not only gains you traction but protects against cutting, tearing and abrasions
*    Robust bead protector shields the bead area and rim from close encounters with trail obstacles
*    Interlocking center tread blocks for aggressive off-road and snow performance
*    Large groove volumes to maximize hydroplaning resistance, wet traction, and mud traction performance
*    High sipe density for excellent snow, ice, and wet traction

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