Mickey Thompson

Mickey Thompson


Since 1963, Mickey Thompson Tyres have been an enthusiast brand. The Man himself, built his products to win and he built them from necessity!

Mickey Thompson are the leaders in 4x4 tyre tread technology and have innovative features like POWERPLY which lessens the twist in your tyre during cornering, giving a faster response and greater feedback. Mickey Thompson was a legend and the tyres that bear his name are just as legendary for their innovations in design and performance. 

All M/T Tyres & Wheels start with quality designs and are then built to exacting standards with high quality raw materials and processes. All M/T products are warrantied for the life of the product to be free of manufacturers defects. Their engineering and quality assurance departments are hard at work ensuring that every product meets the tough M/T standards before it gets the trusty M/T stamp of approval.

Mickey Thompson himself was a pioneer in the world of off road racing and in 1960 became the fastest man on earth, travelling at 406.6 mph! To this day, Mickey Thompson holds more racing records than anyone on earth. His tyres revolutionised the racing world, were used by Navy SEALs in the Gulf War, and benefit four wheel drivers of every level. 


1. America's Speciality 4WD Tyre Company 
2. Deeper Tread
3. Stronger Sidewalls
4. Sidewall Protection
5. Leaders in Tread Technology 
6. Ultimate angle for Cutting and Self Cleaning 
7. Deep Sidebiters
8. Speciality Sizes

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