SPORTS ALL-TERRAIN - 70% Road & Sand, 30% Dirt & Mud

Upgraded compound formulated with high content of silica for improvedhandling and braking distance, especially in the wet.

• Upgraded carcass construction for increased steering performance anddamage resistance
• HSV approved

The Cooper Zeon LTZ ™ PRO is an all-season tyre designed for SUV’s and light trucks wanting the sport tire “look” while still having light off-road traction.

Dependable traction in all-weather conditions.  Improved soft-surface traction.  Additional rubber in sidewalls to help protect rims.

The LTZ PRO has an upgraded compound which provides excellent extra wet traction and highway handling, while lowering rolling resistance.  This gives you more grip and fuel efficiency.

  • Guaranteed to last up to 50,000kms*
  • Hybrid Tread Pattern – on/off road
  • From Traffic Stops to Mountain Tops
  • XL (Extra Load) stronger steel belt than competitor brands

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